ATTACK OF THE SHOW: Rise of Geek Nation

"Kevin and Olivia are the hotness!" --

A television program like the G4 network's awesome Attack of the Show holds a special place in my heart because it proves that I am not alone. It celebrates everything that fanboys hold dear. These guys and gals bust their asses to jam a daily dose of can't-miss new content into each episode, and I love them for it.

Hosted by the funky-fun maestro Kevin Pereira and the so-hot-it-hurts Olivia Munn, the show covers a wide range of topics that genre-loving geeks like me crave to know about. Movies, comics, videogames, TV, music, technology, the Internet -- you name, they have it covered.

Kevin and Olivia have great chemistry together, making the show fun to watch. They're supported by a talented crew of correspondents: the ultimate fangirl Blair Butler, the adorably energetic Alison Haislip, Mr. Cool Chris Gore, the hard wicking Chris Hardwick, and the ultra sexy Anna David.

From the addictive viral videos of "Around the Net" to the geeky goodness of "Gadget Pr0n" to the worldly advice of "In Your Pants" to the scoops and spoilers of "The Feed" and more, Attack of the Show is crammed with genre-loving craziness.

If you've never seen it but love anime, gadgets, science fiction, superheroes, martial arts, and other nerdy-cool stuff, do yourself a favor and check it out. If you're already a fan of the show, tell your friends to tune in. They won't be disappointed.