Can a Person Have Too Many Books? Never!

"When books are opened you discover that you have wings." -- Helen Hayes

I've been cleaning out my home office to convert it into a room for our first child. I confess that I'm a pack-rat. I collect books and DVDs. I'm talking about piles and piles of books. My wife says put them all in storage. My friends and relatives can't comprehend how I can read them all. All I can say is that I love books.

To me, it's hard to understand why someone wouldn't want to keep books at their fingertips. Yes, there are libraries. Yes, there is the Internet. Yes, there are electronic readers like Kindle. But none compare so far to shelves of my favorite books.

I'm making progress, sorting through the stacks and narrowing down to the bare essentials. The rest will be packed away and stored for the day when I'll have a house with a big library room. That's the dream.

Until then, I'll keep the books I can. The baby room will be lovely, and the little one I'm sure will grow up to be an avid reader just like her dad! But hopefully with less clutter. :)


Anonymous said…
Some books are keepers, others are not. You just need to make that distinction for you.
Nick said…
I know, E. But even the junk seems like literary gold sometimes. :)