The Palm Pre is Coming!

"The Palm Pre and Web OS has certainly gotten everyone excited." -- Bonnie Cha, Senior Editor for CNET
Sometimes I consider myself an early adaptor and other times I feel like, when it comes to some gadgets, I'm woefully behind the times. I bought a DVD player as soon as DVDs came on the market. I was first in line to get a PDA. But I waited until after 9/11 to get a cellphone, and I still haven't jumped on the smartphone bandwagon.

I've been happy with Sprint, and happy with Palm, so now that Sprint is planning to release the Palm Pre, I'm ready for my upgrade.

I use multiple gadgets for my various needs. I have my Dell laptop computer, my Sprint cellphone, my PalmOne Tungsten. Now, the Palm Pre is coming along to do the job of all of these, and it's the first device that's tempted me to make the leap into the world of smartphones.

What's so special about the Palm Pre? In the words of the Sprint marketers, it's a "revolutionary Palm WebOS that continuously updates multiple applications in real time." Its Qwerty keyboard and touchscreen design seem both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly functional. And of course, the big hype about the wireless Touchstone charge deck (yes, wireless charging!) is the final, irresistible selling point.

The video of its product announcement should whet your appetite for what to expect.

Cellphones, the Internet, and wireless technology have redefined how people all over the world communicate with each other. The Palm Pre is one more leap forward, and I can't wait to get my hands on one.