ABC Announces New Shows for 2009/2010 Season

"The Visitors came here to suck us dry, and when they're finished with this planet, they're gonna take it like an empty beer can and toss it over their shoulder." -- Ham Tyler in V: The Final Battle

The television networks are announcing their new shows this week, and today was ABC's turn. Compared to what FOX and NBC announced, the ABC line-up actually isn't that bad. Some interesting shows, including a remake of V. Growing up, V: The Miniseries and V: The Final Battle were some of the most entertaining science fiction on television that I remember. Aliens in disguise, walking among us pretending to be our friends, sharing their advanced technology; but beneath it all they were lizards, out to rob our planet's water supply and steal our people for food! Yikes!

In hindsight, it was corny and the special effects were pretty weak. They also stretched out a good thing with V: The Series, which kept getting progressively worse. The original, however, was a wonderful concept, even if its Nazi metaphor was a little heavyhanded (okay, it was a lot heavyhanded, but it still made the little Me think, which is what good speculative fiction is supposed to do.)

I haven't seen anything of the new show except for the cast picture. I'll tune in and hopefully won't be disappointed.

Here are the other shows ABC will be broadcasting next season:

Cougar Town -- A middle-aged woman, played by Courteney Cox, begins dating again in this alleged comedy.

The Deep End -- Young lawyers from around the world are recruited to be first-year associates at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm.

Eastwick -- John Updike's Witches of Eastwick becomes a television show. Will the devil be as entertaining as Jack Nicholson was in the movie?

Flash Forward -- Based on the best-selling novel, everyone in the world experiences a two-minute vision of their future during a mysterious global blackout.

The Forgotten -- Amateur crime-solvers pick up cases involving unidentified victims that the police have given up on.

Hank -- Kelsey Grammer's new comedy in which he plays a powerful executive who suddenly becomes unemployed.

Happy Town -- Ten years after some unsolved kidnappings, a new crime causes a small Minnesota town's secrets to start unraveling.

The Middle -- A sitcom about a middle-class family in the middle of Indiana.

Modern Family -- Ed O'Neill (from Married...with Children) returns to comedy in a family sitcom shot like a documentary.

Shark Tank -- An American version of the hit British reality show Dragon's Den in which entrepreneurs present their ideas to five tycoons for funding.