Amazon Announces Kindle DX

"Our vision is every book ever printed, in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds. Inching a bit closer to a paperless society..." -- Jeff Bezos announced today the newest version of its Kindle electronic reader, the Kindle DX. Slim, portable, with wireless access to a library of thousands of titles (free and for sale) through Amazon's Whispernet, and "electronic ink" technology that arguably mimics ink on paper better than any other electronic monitor, the Kindle has garnered some good reviews and some hope that e-readers might finally catch on.

The first Kindle device debuted on November 2007 and an improved model, the Kindle 2, was launched in February 2009. The DX is a bigger version of the previous Kindle with a nearly 10-inch screen, targeting the text-book and newspaper/magazine market. Kindle content is also available on the iPhone, and like the iPhone the new DX features "auto-rotation" allowing text to appear on the monitor either horizontally or vertically depending on how you hold the device. The DX also, finally, is compatible with PDF files.

The Kindle DX is schedule for release this summer. I think I still prefer the smaller model. I'll also probably wait for the price to drop (at almost $500, the cost is just too much, especially when you add the cost of most of the content). Plus, I know the "electronic ink/paper" technology isn't there yet, but I'm holding out for a color Kindle!

If you want to read more about it, check out these fine articles:'s PopWatch, Wall Steet Journal, and Wired. And Wikipedia has a nice entry too.