British Speculations

"I have to say that British SciFi has been my gateway drug of SciFi choice. As a kid there was a lot of it coming out of the UK and a lot of it was quite entertaining." -- Jabberwocky on

The United Kingdom has given us some of our greatest science fiction. H.G. Wells of course was one of the pioneers, with War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, and The Island of Doctor Moreau. Other noteworthy British speculative fiction writers include Arthur C. Clarke, C.S. Lewis, Tanith Lee, Michael Moorcock, just to name a few. British sci-fi TV gave us the classic Doctor Who. In the past, fantasy entertainment from England was usually low-budget and sometimes campy. Now, however, we are undoubtedly witnessing a golden age of SF and fantasy from the U.K.

One of my favorite British science fiction shows is Primeval. The story deals with a team of scientists investigating anomalies that open passages to different times/dimensions that allow often dangerous creatures to enter and threaten our world. The monster-of-the-week premise is pretty cool, with dinosaurs, mammoths, giant spiders, and even mutant beasts from the future appearing and causing havoc. There's also great plot twists with conspiracies and time paradoxes, and stellar action.

Some of the best magazines covering sci-fi entertainment are from the U.K. SFX is probably the best, but Empire is a close second.

The British have always been a great source for fantasy fiction. William Shakespeare himself brought us witches, fairies, magicians, and ghosts. I look forward to seeing what else they bring us.


Rustin said…
How can you beat original Dr. Who:
Nick said…
Did you ever see Red Dwarf? That was cool too.