Recording Memories with Canon Vixio HFS10

"If you want the smallest camcorder you can get without sacrificing video quality in any way, than this is the camcorder for you." -- S. Seeberger on

I bought a new video camera today, the Canon Vixio HFS10. With a baby on the way, I wanted to make sure we had something to record all those moments that will go by in the wink of an eye. My wife and I had two mini-DV camcorders that no longer worked, so it was time for me to invest in a high-definition camera that recorded straight to a flash drive.

It's amazing how far video cameras have come. My first one, years ago, was a bulky dinosaur that weighed a ton and recorded onto VHS tapes. The recent camcorders made portability much more convenient and really opened up film-making to the masses. Digital camcorders also made it much easier to edit movies, and now with sites like YouTube, user-generated content is easier than ever to distribute for all the world to see.

What I love most about my new Canon Vixio, besides the tiny size and the flash memory, is the "cinema mode" function, which enables me to shoot video at 24 frames per second in high definition, give my home movies that film-quality look.

The Canon Vixio is a sweet gadget, and I can't wait to start filming with it.