CBS Announces New Shows for 2009/2010 Season

"Even among the special you're special." -- Medium

It's the CBS Network's turn to announce their new lineup of shows. The bad news is that The Eleventh Hour -- a good show with a great cast and some interesting plots -- is kaput. The good news is that, even though NBC cancelled the terrific Medium, CBS has decided to pick it up. The adventures of Alison Dubois and her family will continue.

Medium is extremely well written and one of the best shows on television. Patricia Arquette is wonderful as the suburban housewife who sees dead people and has psychic dreams. Jake Weber does a great job as her husband Joe. Miguel Sandoval is stellar as always in the role of the District Attorney who relies on Alison's gift to solve crimes. And the three kids are superb.

Week after week, Medium presents gripping stories, surprising plot twists, and terrific entertainment. I'm glad CBS is keeping it alive.

Other shows coming to CBS next season include:

Accidentally on Purpose -- Jenna Elfman stars as a single woman who becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with a younger man.

Arranged Marriage -- In this reality show, three couples must marry the spouse chosen by their family and friends.

The Bridge -- A cop, played by Aaron Douglas of Battlestar Galactica, becomes the leader of the police union.

The Good Wife -- When a politician lands in jail after a corruption and sex scandal, his wife re-enters the workforce by joining a law firm.

Miami Trauma -- The adventures of surgeons at a trauma unit in Miami.

NCIS: Los Angeles -- A spin-off of the NCIS franchise, agents apprehend criminals that pose a threat to the nation's security, starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J.

Three Rivers -- The stories of organ donors, recipients, and their surgeons at a transplant hospital. It's good to see actor Alex O'Loughlin of Moonlight on TV again.

Undercover Boss -- A reality show in which a boss joins the ranks of his or her employees.

And of course CBS will have new versions of Survivor and its other hit shows returning again.