Collecting for Fun, Not Profit

"(The above image of Barbarella) was made from a collection of 600 comic book covers." --

I'm an avid collector of books, comics, magazines, and DVDs. What might look like a waste of space to others is actually to me a prized possession. Some people take their collecting seriously, with a diligence akin to investing in gold or real estate. I'm not as obsessive about it, I just collect all of that stuff because I love the content. I read the books and magazines, I look at the art of the comics and follow the storylines, I watch the movies.

I actually stopped collecting comics after my marriage in 2005, but until then I had accumulated a pretty good assortment of series, from the mainstream DC and Marvel titles to more independent titles like Dark Oz and the short-lived Big Entertainment brand that included The Primortals, Technophage, and Mr. Hero. Even though I went cold-turkey on comics, and slowed down on my DVD addiction, I still can't break the book habit.

Some folks, to protect their investment, just plastic wrap their collectibles and store them for the future. I like to have my books within arm's reach to skim through them whenever the urge strikes me. That might decrease their value, but I don't anticipate making a fortune from my possessions. I do love seeing the eyes light up of people with similar taste as mine when they see my stash.

It might be junk to others, but to me, if I were ever on a deserted island, all I would need are my family and books, and I'd be a happy man.