FOX Announces New Shows for 2009/2010 Season

"Christopher Chance, better known as the Human Target, made his debut in the back pages of Action Comics. He was a bodyguard and master of disguise who offered a unique service: for a fee, he would impersonate people who feel their lives are threatened, as a way of drawing out the killer." --

On Monday, the FOX television network announced its new lineup of shows for next season. My wife was happy to see Dollhouse renewed despite its horrible ratings and she was thrilled to learn that So You Think You Can Dance will be returning in the fall, so she won't have to wait until next summer for another season. I was little surprised to hear about the cancellation of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, especially with the new Terminator movie opening this week. The one new show that seems to have the most potential is Human Target, based on the comicbook.

The premise seems promising and action-packed, but the big selling point for me is the cast. Mark Valley, who impressed me with his recurring role in Fringe, makes a good lead. Chi McBride is a solid actor whom I've enjoyed watching in Boston Public and Pushing Daisies. Jackie Earle Haley, the kid I'll always remember from all those Bad News Bears movies, has had a great comeback with his terrific performance in Watchmen and his upcoming portrayal of Freddy Kreuger in the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street.

By the way, I had no idea that they previously brought the Human Target to television in the early 1990s -- starring Rick Springfield!

Other than my high hopes for Human Target, the rest of the FOX lineup doesn't seem too inspiring. Here's what's coming:

Brothers -- A comedy about a retired football player returning to his hometown.

The Cleveland Show -- A Family Guy spin-off cartoon.

Glee -- A dramedy about a high school glee club.

Past Life -- A team solves mysteries involving clients' past lives.

Sons of Tucson -- As FOX describes it, "a charismatic schemer becomes a dad-for-hire for three brothers."

The Wanda Sykes Show -- The comedian hosts this Saturday late-night series.

Will Human Target live up to my expectations or will it disappoint? We'll see when it premieres in 2010.