NBC Announces New Shows for 2009/2010 Season

"Fans of the Peacock Network will have the premieres of four new dramas and two new comedies to look forward this fall." -- DayLife.com

The NBC Network announced the new shows that it will debut next season. Of all the dramas, comedies, and reality programs on its list, the post-apocalyptic science fiction show Day One grabs my interest the most.

It takes place after a mysterious global disaster and follows a group of survivors as they struggle to live and find out what happened. The conceptual artwork above reminds me of Stephen King's The Stand, which could be a good thing. The name of the show reminds me of the 1980s mini-series The Day After which explored the repercussions of a nuclear attack.

Speaking of mini-series, another promising element of Day One is that it's being touted as a "limited series" and an"event series." It's scheduled to begin not in the Fall but in 2010 after the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This could be a positive thing. I'd rather see shorter series with a definitive storyline than watching them try to stretch out a tale for over 20 episodes. Then, if it's a hit and they have more stories to tell, let them make additional limited series and continue the tale.

Hopefully, Day One will have the great characterization and human drama of the similarly premised Jericho but set in a city with a more epic feel. The best parts of Jericho in my opinion were the little glimpses of the worldwide crisis beyond the borders of the American town of Jericho. Day One, I hope, will delve into those grander stories while also giving us those more intimate tales of the survivors.

For your reference, here are the other new programs that will be coming to NBC (in alphabetical order):

100 Questions: A lovelorn woman answers an online dating service's questionnaire to find the perfect man.

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins: The motivational speaker hosts a reality show.

Community: A comedy set at a community college.

The Jay Leno Show: Mr. Leno leaves the Tonight Show for primetime five nights a week.

The Marriage Ref: Jerry Seinfeld returns in a new comedy.

Mercy: A hospital drama seen through the eyes of nurses.

NFL in Primetime: Sunday Night Football

Parenthood: A remake of the motion picture.

Trauma: The action-packed adventures of first-responder paramedics.

Who Do You Think You Are?: Celebrities trace their genealogy.

Which will flop and which will become ratings champions? Only time will tell.


Karen said…
None of those shows really excite me. Did they renew Chuck? I hope so!

Nick said…
Chuck has some really cool actors/actresses. Adam Baldwin is always fun to watch, and I just love Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster!