Wolverine vs The Hulk Would Still Have Been Better

"You've gotta love our healing factors. I'm gonna enjoy killing you for days. And then I think we'll drop the Hulk on an orphanage or something just for fun. " -- Sabretooth in Hulk Vs.

Even though X-Men Origins: Wolverine seems to have averted bad reviews and has opened strongly (an estimated $87,000,000 as of this writing, which surpasses the opening weekend of the first X-Men movie and is comparable to the opening of X2: X-Men United, but is behind the opening tally of X-Men 3: The Last Stand), I still think my idea of doing a Wolverine vs. The Hulk film would have been better.

First of all, in general, I hate prequels. There have to be better ways to tell backstory. I like stories to move forward and show us new, unexpected things. Prequels, I think, are limiting. (I'm still holding my breath for Episodes 7, 8, and 9 of the Star Wars saga.) You can't change what's already been established, and you run the risk of screwing up continuity. In Wolverine, for example, I like Liev Schreiber, but would it have killed them to cast Tyler Mane again in the role of Sabretooth which he played so well in the first X-Men movie? (Tyler Mane fans will be appeased to see him on the big screen soon as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel H2.)

I would rather have seen the X-Men franchise continue by going forward with new adventures, specifically having Wolverine face off against the Hulk. Yes, I know the Wolverine flick was distributed by 20th Century Fox and the last Hulk film was distributed by Universal, but Marvel owns all the characters and now controls their artistic treatment on the silver screen, so I'm sure they could have found a way to make it happen.

Wolverine made his first appearance in the pages of an Incredible Hulk comicbook (issue number 180 in 1974 to be exact). There's been a straight-to-DVD animated version of the story in Hulk Vs. (where the green goliath also squared off against the Mighty Thor), but a live action movie with a fleshed out storyline would have been great to see.

Maybe they were just afraid that the rampaging Hulk would have smashed Logan like the puny mutant he is. Okay, I kid.