Netbooks: Less is More

"Mini netbooks are designed to keep you connected." --

Here I am, doing laundry, and I'm able to update my blog thanks to my new Dell mini netbook.

These tiny laptops with built-in wireless Bluetooth technology are a Godsend for writers on the go. Portable, lightweight, loaded with enough memory to serve my needs, I can now surf the World Wide Web virtually anywhere.

The 10-inch screen is tiny but does the job. The smaller keyboard takes some getting used to, but I'll eventually get used to it. There's no DVD drive but the USB port allows you to connect to an external DVD-reader/burner or use a handy flash-drive to store and transport your data. My netbook came with a 2-gig thumb-drive, which is more than the memory of my first laptop years ago. The netbook's hard-drive is over 14gb which is plenty for my needs.

The clincher is that netbooks are ridiculously affordable. For a couple of hundred dollars and a reasonable monthly Internet plan, you'll be set to go. It's a great solution for folks like me who find most laptops too cumbersome to lug around and smart phones too puny for anything beyond the most basic online apps.