Paramore and No Doubt Rock Jones Beach

"Everybody sing like it’s the last song you will ever sing." -- Paramore

Last night, I had the pleasure of witnessing the great bands Paramore and No Doubt perform in concert at The Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. Outdoor stages are wonderful venues for performances -- the sounds carry so well in the open space. It was a perfect night and they put on quite a show.

Paramore is one of my favorite bands. Red-headed lead singer Hayley Williams is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm who makes every song a joy to hear -- and she brings the same contagious power to the stage. Her bandmates (Josh Farro and Taylor York on guitar, Jeremy Davis on bass, Zac Taylor on drums) are equally fun to watch. They're a young band loaded with talent and it will be interesting to watch them grow over the years. In addition to their hit songs, "Misery Business," "Hallelujah," "crushcrushcrush," "That's What You Get," "Decode," and others, they also played a couple of great new tunes, giving me confidence that their new album scheduled to drop in September will be huge.

To be honest, Paramore was the real reason I wanted to go out to Long Island to see the show. Their catchy rock is invigorating and memorable. But of course, it was also great seeing No Doubt together again and performing their greatest hits live. They're a seasoned group and know how to put on a spectacular show. They still have their restless ska origins, and mixed in with some raw punk energy and their blockbuster pop riffs, it's obvious why they've become such a worldwide sensation.

Gwen Stefani, with her Supergirl abs, is a superstar, but doesn't overshadow her equally amazing and fun-to-watch No Doubt team. They energized the audience from beginning to end with songs like "Spiderwebs," "Hey Baby," "Different People," "Hella Good," and "Just a Girl." Their ballad "Don't Speak" was the best I've seen it performed. I don't think there was a bad song in the bunch. "It's My Life," "Underneath It All," and other songs all played well to the enthusiastic crowd. A dedication to Michael Jackson was a nice touch.

A shout out of thanks to the concert's sponsor Best Buy and to the Live Nation sponsor Citibank for a summer show to remember.


Well I agree with you! The concerts were really amazing! For this, I would also like to credit the venue and not only the bands! I am so excited to attend the upcoming concerts there! I have bought my tickets from Ticket Luck and used the discount code CAROL and received a decent discount! :)
Nick said…
I've seen a bunch of shows at the Jones Beach Theater, and they were all amazing. It's definitely one of the best venues to catch a concert.
Anonymous said…
What a great review. Brings back memories. And yeah, Gwen's abs were just amazing. How the hell has she had two kids? :D