A World Full of Critics

"The artist doesn't have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don't have the time to read reviews." -- William Faulkner

The New York Times featured a good story by Michael Cieply about the new Web site MovieReviewIntelligence.com, which compiles reviews from various critics, similar to the services provided by RottenTomatoes.com and MetaCritic.com.

About a decade ago, I wrote an essay called "Everyone's a Critic: The Problem with Reviews" in which I expressed my opinion on the role of criticism. I hate critics who grade movies on an equal scale, even if they're totally different genres. I also hate critics who simply rehash the plot.

As I wrote back then, critics need to provide analysis. And the Internet is allowing the public to express their own opinions and also talk back to the critical gatekeepers of the entertainment world.