EUREKA: I Have Found It

"Time is unraveling. The laws of physics are breaking down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the kind of thing that's not gonna stop at the city limits, is it?" -- Joe Morton as Henry Deacon on Eureka

One of the best, most entertaining science fiction shows on television right now is a little gem of a series called Eureka (or as it's called across the pond, A Town Called Eureka). EOnline featured a good article today about the show, with star Colin Ferguson and series co-creator Jaime Paglia answering fans' questions. The executive producer and show-runner Charlie Craig and I became mutual followers on Twitter. New episodes of Eureka will begin airing on Syfy on July 10.

The premise is perfect: the greatest minds alive have been recruited to live in a secret community named after Archimedes' exclamation of discovery -- sort of like a Manhattan Project to the Nth Degree. Each episode features some fantastic invention or anomaly, usually life threatening of course. Add in some covert conspiracies and developing character arcs and you have a show worth watching. From the moment the Sheriff and his daughter enter the mysterious town's limits and see doppelgangers of themselves driving by, I knew this show would be full of magical surprises.

EOnline calls it the "smartest show," and they're absolutely right. The writing is superb. They have fun and know how to tell exciting stories without talking down to the audience. The actors are all topnotch, from Colin Ferguson as the heroic and endearing Sheriff Jack Carter to a supporting cast that includes the always wonderful Joe Morton and a host of others (including Matt Frewer in season one, with an annoying accent but otherwise a joy to watch as usual).

If you're already a fan of the show, you already know how great it is. If you've never seen it, tune in and discover the magic of a show that gets sci-fi entertainment right.