Franchises That Could Use Some Reimagining

“It seems that there are no new ideas in Hollywood, only reboots of old movies and television series from the 70s and 80s.” – Kent Ninomiya,

Kent Ninomiya wrote a great article for this week, listing the top six franchises that deserve a remake (or a “reboot” if you want to use the current catchy buzz word – or my personal favorite, a “reimagining.”) So, I commented with my own suggestions for some other geeky shows or movies that could use a little sprucing up for a new generation.

Mania’s list includes:

1. Escape from New York

2. Wonder Woman

3. Space: 1999

4. Ultraman

5. Westworld

6. Fantastic Four

Read the article for all the details. It’s a great list of franchises that could use a reboot, and I totally agree with Kent’s rationale.

I also suggest:

Superman - I hated hearing how the Man of Steel is allegedly a flawed franchise. It's not! If Smallville can be a hit on television, then the Last Son of Krypton can still draw viewers to the big screen if they only get a great writer who understands the character and a great director who can bring it all to life.

Star Wars- Yes, Star Wars. George Lucas needs to give us Episodes 7, 8, and 9 or step out of the way and let someone else reimagine the saga. Enough with the Prequels and Clone Wars!

The Six Million Dollar Man – The Bionic Woman remake flopped, yes, I know that. But I still have hope of seeing a new version of Steve Austin, the bionic man. It needs to be done seriously, not as a comedy.

Land of the Lost - Because it's a great concept and the Will Ferrell movie this summer didn't do it justice.

The Exorcist – They’ve remade every other horror movie, why not the ultimate horror classic? We’ve seen the extended, uncut edition, we’ve seen the lame sequels, now I want to see a modern reboot that scares the bejeebus out of a whole new generation. The Catholic Church cooperated with the first film, and I hope they do so again -- I think this would be a great opportunity to have the story of the doubting priest address issues like the Church scandals, modernity versus spirituality, etc., and like in the original film, rediscover his faith and overcome the crisis through the ultimate sacrifice.

The Goonies – You know you want to see a new version of this. I don’t want a sequel. I want the same characters as kids on another zany adventure. The original cast definitely needs cameos in the new film, but the story has to be about the kids.

The Lost Boys – Again, not a sequel. Give me a remake of the original, with modern effects, a stellar cast, awesome cinematography, and a terrific musical soundtrack, just like the first.

The Hulk – They still haven’t gotten him right. Keep rebooting until they figure out how it’s done. I think the key is that the big green goliath has to be played by a real, human actor, with some computer enhancement, but he can’t be completely CGI, because, I’m sorry, but it still doesn’t look believable yet as a live action movie.

Any others you can think of? Let me know.


Rassles said…
No to Goonies. No, no, no. Goonies is gold, it is perfect, it is excellent just as it is. Instead of remaking it, they should just re-release it in the theater. I'd see it. Twice.

Why hasn't anyone ever reigned in more Ray Bradbury stuff? Like the Martian Chronicles, or Fahrenheit 451?

What about Childhood's End? God, loved that book too.
Nick said…
They've been trying to remake Fahrenheit 451 for a while now.

A new Martian Chronicles TV series would be sweet.
deb c said…
The Avengers. Casting Ralph Fiennes was a death blow. Uma Thurman didn't help either.

A new version with Stephen Fry or Richard E Grant as Steed and Catherine Zeta Jones or Jennifer Saunders as Mrs. Peel would be a far better movie.
Tim J. Moerman said…
"Voyagers," the time-travel show from the early '80's. Only ran for one season but it was great.
Nick said…
Deb and Tim -- Great ideas!

Speaking of TV shows, I'd love to see a rebooted Six Million Dollar Man. (As long as it's not like the crappy Bionic Woman reboot.)

-- Nick