Magazines of Wonder

"Science-fiction balances you on the cliff. Fantasy shoves you off." -- Ray Bradbury

In April I wrote about the death of many favorite magazines, but now it's time to talk about the living -- those publications that are still around that I look forward to reading everytime the new issues come out.

So here are the best magazines out there. I decided to only look at mags that cover science fiction and fantasy entertainment. There's a lot of other great print content out there (Entertainment Weekly, Paste, Wired, PlayStation, Bon Appetit, Time, Newsweek, TimeOut New York, The New Yorker, Science Illustrated, Geek, New York magazine, Maxim, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, etc.) but I decided to only look at only the ones that cover the world of speculative fiction.

My favorites:

SFX -- The British magazine is arguably the greatest magazine out there covering the fantastic world of genre entertainment. Each month it's jam-packing with goodness, reporting in a fun way on "what's what in the world of sci-fi."

Sci Fi -- The official magazine of what is now becoming the Syfy channel, it covers more than just the shows airing on the network that dares to "Imagine Greater" -- it covers all of the competition too, from television, to movies, to video games, to books, to comics, and more. It's one of the few remaining American publications that consistently covers genre entertainment.

Empire -- Another great British 'zine, this one covering the world of movies, with a heavy dose of science fiction and fantasy. Every movie lover should read each issue from cover to cover. If you're an American subscriber like me, getting in touch with their customer service department can be a pain, but other than that, it's excellent.

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction -- This bi-monthly digest is chock-full of the best speculative fiction you will have the pleasure of reading. I'm glad it's still around. It has the right mix of fantasy and SF tales, and in my opinion is much more enjoyable than harder science fiction pubs, like Analog or Asimov's.

Heavy Metal -- This magazine is still around and still has good stuff, even though some folks claim it's past its heyday. Nonsense, I say. It still has beautiful art and great stories. Graphic novels are all the rage, so I'm surprised this legendary publication, which compiles some of the finest, edgiest comic talent in the world, isn't getting the respect it used to receive. I'm just glad it's still around.

Wizard -- The ultimate magazine for comic book fans covers more than just the funny pages. It reports on movies, games, television, and more. And when it comes to mainstream comics, nobody does it better.

I would add another British publication to the list, Starburst, but it has published an issue in probably over a year. What gives?

Any other great magazines covering SF and fantasy entertainment? Let me know.