Still MAD After All These Years

"The reason many people are lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory." -- MAD Magazine

MAD Magazine has reached its 500th issue and it's still providing "humor in a jugular vein." I used to read it cover to cover when I was younger and appreciated its mix of sophomoric gags and satirical barbs aimed at pop culture. From Hollywood to Washington to Madison Avenue to Main Street USA, nobody was safe from the jokes. The writers and artists had a wonderful self-deprecating style, calling themselves the "usual gang of idiots" and mocking themselves as much as the world around them.

Nowadays, younger generations are probably more familiar with the recently cancelled television show MADTV which competed with Saturday Night Live for years. The magazine itself is still around. The good news is that it's now in color! The bad news is that it now has some advertisements (Reading a recent issue I had to do a double-take and make sure it wasn't a parody ad.)

Some of the great artists are now sadly no longer with us, like Dave Berg and Don Martin, but others (Sergio Aragones and Al Jaffee) are still thankfully sharing their wit and talent with readers. Spy vs. Spy is still there, but now they're battling a Femme Fatale.

And Alfred E. Newman is still the mascot, adorning every cover (except one -- the Time magazine spoof with Pacman as Man of the Year, remember that one?)

I'm glad to see the magazine that made a number of generations chuckle is still kicking. I have the Absolutely Mad DVD compilation of every issue. I hope MAD stays relevant and continues to be a voice of satire for a society that continues to provide fodder for it to ridicule.