Three Guest Reviews of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

"Dark, thrilling, and occasionally quite funny, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is also visually stunning and emotionally satisfying." --

I'm working a media event all day today, so filling in for me are my wife, Juliana, and two of my sisters, Elizabeth and Violetta, who went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and have written mini-reviews of the film. (My other sister, Vera, didn't see the movie and hasn't even read the books as far as I can tell.)

Without further ado, here are their reviews. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

It was good.

1. The actor who played Draco looks old. Then again, all the "kids" do.
2. The death scene was a cop out.
3. I would have liked to see Fleur's wedding.
4. The humor in the movie was, well....funny.
5. The ending was dull. Would have liked a battle scene as opposed to "Ok, Dumbledore is dead, end of movie."
6. I love Ginny and the chick who was infatuated with Ron (can't think of her name right now) was annoying as sh*t.

That's really all I could say, I was very antsy and fidgety during the movie for some reason...maybe lack of sleep. Also, wondering if the movie would have felt different if we saw it from a different angle. Angle as in, not looking straight up. Although, no need to pay for the price of IMAX when it almost felt like was that large. Well, the movie would be large when you sit in the second row.

Elizabeth, thank you for the ticket to the movie. I think I will have to see the movie again when it comes out on TV. I feel like my lack of sleep, which led to the antsyness (yes that's a word I made up) and the fact that we were so close up, made me unable to really appreciate the movie.

They changed a LOT from the books, but I have learned long ago to treat the books and the movies as different animals. The teen romance bits were hysterical (unlike Jules, I found Lavender’s bits to be really funny….if I were Ron, I’d find her annoying, but watching it from the outside was quote amusing). They managed to squeeze in Lupin and Tonks for a minute, so I am hopeful their bit won’t be cut out of the finale, and they did manage to set up the Horcrux hunt, which is really what book 6 was meant to do. It would have been nice to see the battle at Hogwarts, but they did throw in another battle mid-movie that wasn’t in the book, so I guess that was ok. Ginny was awesome and I liked her scenes with Harry, even though I wanted more and not a single one of them was remotely like anything in the book.

Draco did not look his best, but he was supposed to be red-eyed and drawn and hysterical over what he had to do, so I think that was at least partly intentional. The others could pass for HS kids in my eyes, though I did not get the silly scene at the beginning where Harry tries to ask out a waitress that looks at least 5 years older.

I want to see it again!

I forgot to mention that Jim Broadbent (I think that was his name) played Slughorn brilliantly. The Slug club scenes were pretty close to the books. (Just remembered they left out the Krum debacle with Ron, so the whole Ron going out with Lavender after Hermione asked him to the Slug Christmas party didn’t make a lot of sense.)

Huh. That’s not really a coherent review. Just a bunch of thoughts really. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5.
Violetta: is my review. Overall, I liked the movie. Were there deviations from the book? Yes, but I think that at the end of the movie, what was important to move forward to the last book, i.e., the last TWO movies, was in this movie. So in the end, I was happy with it. That being said, here are some of the things that left me a bit disappointed, but that is probably too strong of a word.

1) There was no Battle at Hogwarts. That was a BIG part of the book, and I think that the whole scene with the fighting and the burning down of the Burrow could have been left out and replaced by something that actually happened.

2) I would have liked to see Fleur and Bill's wedding.

3) Although I don't think Dumbledore's funeral was necessary (the scene where they all raised their wands I think showed the sorrow of the school), it could have wrapped the end of the movie up nicely, because as it was, it seemed a bit like, Dumbledore dies, movie over.

4) They should have explained how Snape was the Half-Blood Prince. they just revealed it was him, with no back story whatsoever. It IS the title of the book

But like I said, I think they got the major points across, I agree with Elizabeth in that I found Lavender quite humorous. Now, I've heard from several sources on some of the displeasure of some of the fans and this movie. I actually went in seeing it with those criticisms in the back of my mind and I still liked the movie. I chalk all those "fans" being disappointed in the movie up to people just not being able to accept that you are NEVER going to get a movie that is as good as the book. Never. Things will be left out, things will be changed. But in my opinion, the intergrity of the book was left intact, which in the end, is all that matters.

FYI, Fleur and Bill’s wedding is actually in Book 7, although I agree that since there was no mention of Bill or Fleur in this or the last movie, I’m kind of resigned to not seeing it.


Rassles said…
I purposely haven't read books six and seven since Deathly Hallows was released, because otherwise, I would be all pissy and, "but what about this? But what about this? Why didn't they talk about this?"

I think I enjoyed the movie more without having that critical business in the back of my brain.
Nick said…
Yeah, I don't know what's better, reading a bok first or seeing a movie first that's based on a book. I like being surprised, but sometimes I like to see how a movie interprets the story I've already read. I think I lean on the side of seeing a movie first and then reading the book.
Anonymous said…
I actually haven't read the books since they were released, but I just remember everything anyway. lol