Movie Mob: Reviews by the People

Quote of the Day: "If you've got opinions about movies and want to be on TV...become a member of Movie Mob." --

What do you get when you cross a reality show competition with a movie review program? You get the addictive Movie Mob on Reelz Channel. Every week, eight lucky film geeks are selected to watch a newly released motion picture and shoot a hopefully entertaining movie review via Webcam from the comfort of their own home. Every week, we the public tune in and watch their often funny clips on the boob tube and then vote, via the show's Web site, for our favorites. The best return week after the week, and the lowest Vote Getters get booted, making way for a new reviewer to take their place.

Sounds simple, and it is. Hosted by the energetic Tory Shulman (who replaced the bubbly Sara Fletcher who herself replaced the hostess with the coolest name Layla Kayleigh), Movie Mob is a dose of fun if you love movies and, most importantly, love talking about movies.

There are contestants that I have grown to adore, like the Brit_Twins (God bless their stereo-sounding hearts) and Robin and Boy Wonder (who are without a doubt the greatest duo to hit the screen since Tom and Jerry, Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, or Beavis and Butthead.) Some contestants have become like old friends to me, and I wait with baited breath to hear whether or not they approve of the latest cinematic blockbuster or whether they think it's a waste of my time -- the wit and wisdom of BlackNerd or the always entertaining FilmBadgers.

Some contestants are annoying, but like a multi-car pileup on the freeway, I cannot look away. (Yes, Meowsers with your golden locks and your cute little pussycats, I'm talking to you.) Some are so bad that you root for their demise, but secretly want them to come back because you want to see how far into the depths of badness they can go, and they never fail to disappoint (Recess Boys!).

The brilliance of the show is the revolving door of new average joes and janes who come and go. Some of them are embedded in my memory, like the lovely lass called KeanuLover, or the comedic trio of Brooklyn boys called the 3_Yutes. Damn you, America, for voting off such classic reviewers as the kinetically restless J_n_Flynn or the beady-eyed but wise-beyond-his-years MakeMeBad. Where have you gone, ChitownGuy, GardenMary, and FilmGeek?

Imagine a world where if you get tired of hearing the ramblings of Mr. Movie Critic, you hold the power to bring him back for more or banish him forever to the scary void of cyberspace. The opinions of the Movie Mob critics are often more hilarious, more profound, more spot-on accurate than some of the higher-profile professional critics you might read or see in more mainstream media.

So hunt down Reelz Channel and tune in to Movie Mob. If you have a Web cam and two cents worth of opinion, join the fray yourself. Maybe you'll get my vote.


Jeremy said…
Hi Nick, Recess Boy here. I'm glad you watch the show although it sucks that you root for my demise. I wish the best for your blog though. Take care!

-Recess Boy

P.S. I'm most looking forward to V! Isn't Elizabeth Mitchell amazing?
Nick said…
Hi Jeremy. Thanks for reading. :) Even though I root for your demise, I do secretly enjoy watching your schtick.
Peter Knox said…
Hey Nick - It's FearNLoathing from Queens here. I had a fun run on the show. Glad you like it.
Nick said…
Hi Peter: Always glad to see a feelow New Yorker representing! Hope they bring you basck someday. There should be a Movie Mob All-Star Edition!
Tiffani said…
Great article however I disagree with some of the stuff you said. I can't stand Robin & Boywonder. I find them boring and useless. Love Blacknerd and the Filmbadgers. Would love to see Chitownguy or Garden Mary come back. Don't think Recess Boys are bad at all. Would prefer to see them over Robin & Boywonder
Nick said…
Thasnks, Tiffani. I guess I have to show Recess Boys (and Meowzers) some love.

I think Robin and Boy Wonder have genuine chemistry together. There's something about them.

I don't think I'd ever have the courage to go on one of those shows and have people (like me) start criticizing me. I guess critics need to have tough skins. They're braver than me.
gjben86 said…
I had a crush on Keanu Lover. What happened to her? But J_n_Flynn were the best, in fact, the siblings and I still quote them from a random rambling about how engaging a movie was ("WE DIDN'T FINISH OUR CORN!"). Miss the show.
Nick said…
I miss the show too. It was obviously a huge mistake when they changed the format.

Also, the idea behind the show was to encourage a bunch of new people and new faces to add their video reviews, but the real success came from those handful of regulars that had great personalities. Hated to see some of them go.