The Movies of Level 92 Films

Quote of the Day: "Level 92 started out as an idea between its founders, Christy Cuomo and Dean Leggiero. Their shared love of film and multimedia led them to the creation of Level 92, a place where creative people can come together and make films the way they want." --

New York is a haven for creative people pursuing their dreams. On any given day, there are gallery shows, theater productions, musical performances, and film shoots taking place throughout the city and the greater metropolitan area. One talented group that I've had the pleasure to work with the last few years is Level 92 Films, "the little independent movie company that could."

They've made some fun short films, from comedies to thrillers, which you can view on their YouTube channel. Zlato (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.5) is my favorite, about a couple of shady stoners trying to fence half a bar of gold. There's also the hilarious speed-dating spoof Dated, and a bunch of others.

I've worked on a few Level 92 projects: as the husband of a paranoid woman who suspects a new neighbor of being a serial killer in the Hitchcockian tribute The Tenant (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), as Captain Bennet training a rookie cop during an investigation of a domestic disturbance (with a twist) in the comedy 10-16, and as a heartbroken guy named Kirk in one of the shorts from the Drawing Straws anthology.

To learn more about Level 92 Films, check out their Web site and their Facebook Fan Page.