What I've Learned During My First Month at Open Salon

Quote of the Day: "You make the headlines." -- The slogan of Open Salon

I started "simulcasting" my City of Kik blog on Open Salon a month ago and it's been a rewarding experience so far. Following up on my post, "What I've Learned During My First Week at Open Salon," I now present you with some additional tidbits that I've discovered after a full month has gone by.

1. Weekends are slow. Maybe it's because it's the summer time and folks are enjoying the great outdoors instead of logging onto their computers, or maybe it's because the Salon Editors are off on weekends, or maybe it's because my weekend topics are more lame than usual, but on average I receive less views and far less comments for weekend posts than for weekday essays. I still strive to write a blog entry every single day, so thank you, faithful readers who check out my blog even on Saturdays and Sundays!

2. Personal Messages aren't just for advertising. I applaud those of you who use Open Salon's messaging system to promote your own writing, but I stand up and cheer all the louder for those of you who actually write a one-on-one message to me. It makes me feel special. I too have sent out a "bulk" personal message (not to hype one of my essays but to get people to write a review of my blog for Amazon.com where it's available for Kindle Subscription --those of you who did, THANKS, and those of you who didn't, come on, help a brother out.) So I extend my thanks to Mad Typist, Gary Justis, Schopenhorror, Keimanzero, Asianshoebox, Traveller1, and all the rest who took time to write, not just to plug their own blogs (which are great by the way, and worth reading) but to share their thoughts on my writing beyond the public comments they posted. It meant a lot to me.

3. Your catchy headlines attract me. Damn you all for your clever and enticing headlines, drawing me to them, seducing me to click on them and then read your posts. Shame on you when your entries prove to be bait-and-switch topics that have nothing to do with the wonders promised in your headlines, but I praise you when your posts live up to your tantalizing teasers.

4. Open Salon writers and readers are an opinionated bunch. I love getting comments, even from people who vehemently disagree with me. I really enjoy all the feedback, suggestions, and ideas you've all shared on the stuff I've written. Some of the most productive comments have been the ones where you've disagreed, or offered a counterpoint. Trolls who post attacks are a different matter, but people who express different opinions and are open to a dialogue are a marvel! I treasure your words.

5. Spam can be entertaining. It might be blasphemy to say anything positive about Spam (those often annoying off-topic comments that are nothing but impersonal advertisements trying to sell you something or phish for your personal info), but, come on, admit it, some of the ones that have popped up on Open Salon's comments pages have been pretty darn hilarious. My favorite is the one soliciting "Cougar Love."

Tune in twelve months from now to see if I've learned anything new after a whole year on Open Salon!


Authenticity@OS said…
Nick,I like your approach.It's direct,full of vigor,open and friendly,inviting.
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