Chick Flicks That Men Might Like

The term "chick flick" might be offensive to some, but it has become a mainstream phrase to describe movies that appeal to a predominantly female audience.  The wonderful actor Patrick Swayze who sadly passed away this week starred in one of the top chick flicks of all time, Dirty Dancing.  Some men would not be caught dead seeing a tearjerker film that has romance at its core or doesn't include some explosions or car chase secenes.  Nevertheless, I'm here today to give men of the world reassurance that, yes, there are movies out there with romantic plots that still have enough macho elements and male points-of-view to keep their interest.  Here are some that they might like.

Ghost -- Now this is a chick flick starring Patrick Swayze that everyone, male or female, can love.  The chemistry between Demi Moore and Mr. Swayze is excellent, the humor by Whoopi Goldberg (who earned an Oscar for her performance) is hilarious, the special effects with the ghosts are very well done, the supernatural storyline of love lost but neverending is heartwarming and enthralling.  Mystery, revenge, shady characters, it's all here -- plus that infamous pottery scene!

Casablanca -- Humphrey Bogart was the man, can anyone deny that?  For a little guy, he still had a solid, macho aura that made women love him and men want to be him.  This movie is one of the all-time classics, full of memorable lines and unforgettable moments.

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet -- Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes starred in this modern version (with Shakespeare's original words) of the immortal tragedy of young star-crossed lovers.  Guns, violence, souped up cars, sex, drugs, this hyper-kinetic film by director Baz Luhrmann was a blast.

Beautiful Girls -- At first glance, this movie by Ted Demme might seem like the ultimate chick flick that some men would hate to sit through, but upon viewing they'll discover its charm, its wit, and its profound value with some great performances by Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, Michael Rappaport, Martha Plimpton, Lauren Holly, Rosie O'Donnell, and especially a young Natalie Portman.  Men will relate, believe me.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon -- How can a martial arts movie be considered a chick flick?  Well, this one definitely is, and it's a brilliant masterpiece by director Ang Lee.  Full of action, full of beautiful cinematography, and at its core full of moments of deep love.  Even the toughest guy who claims to never cry might still shed a tear near the end.

West Side Story -- Musicals are another example of chick flicks.  This is one of the best that guys should enjoy too -- gang warfare, hot Latina women, murder and revenge, who could ask for anything more?

Grease -- Speaking of musicals, here's another one that both men and women love.  Admit it, guys, even you sing along to "Summer Lovin'" and "Greased Lightning."

The Princess Bride -- Any movie starring Andre the Giant is worth putting on anyone's must-see list.  Seriously, this flick is funny and, if nothing else, the Inigo Montoya subplot is worth watching.

When Harry Met Sally --  Rob Reiner has given us a great movie that captures both sides of a relationship.  Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are perfect in a tale that doesn't disappoint. 

Clueless -- Alicia Silverstone's best movie is a comedy that everyone can enjoy. 

And just to be fair, I will post another article listing my recommendations for macho movies that women might like.


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