Guy Flicks That Women Might Like

Last week, I wrote about "Chick Flicks That Men Might Like."  Now, as promised, I'm turning the tables and offering my suggestions for those movies that on the surface might be targeted to a predominently male demographic, but in fact reach across the audience spectrum and attract plenty of female fans as well.

So here they are, "Guy Flicks" that woman might like:

Gladiator -- This sword and sandals epic by director Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe with testosterone-packed gladiatorial combat had a backstory about a man yearning for his lost family that even made my sister cry.

Spider-man -- Your friendly neighborhood superhero attracted plenty of fanboys but the ladies liked the romance between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.  That classic kiss in the rain is unforgettable.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day -- How do you make an action-packed movie about time-traveling killer robots appeal to everyone?  Add a wise-ass kid and make the villain from the first movie the hero of the new movie (a modern-day version of the Tinman in search of a heart).  It worked. 

Rocky -- Blood, sweat, and tears are all here.  Boxer Rocky Balboa had nothing, but when his love for Adrian is returned, he realizes he has it all.

Speed -- Keenu Reeves became an action star in this Jan de Bont directed hit, but Sandra Bullock stole the show.

Bull Durham -- Baseball isn't just for guys.

Swingers -- Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are two lounge lizards, and their antics should entertain both men and women.

Pan's Labyrinth -- There is some gruesome horror and war stuff going on here, but at its heart, this fantasy movie by Guillermo del Toro is actually a powerful fairytale.

Any others?  Let me know.


Rassles said…
This is bullshit. What constitutes a "guy flick" anyway?

The only real "guy flicks" I can think of are really more "heterosexual guy and homosexual chick flicks" because they're overrun with hot, half-naked girls.

And I mean this in the most lighthearted, fun way possible.
Nick said…
Ahh, but what constitutes a "chick flick" then? :)

I might have to make a list of the Best Movies Over-Run with Hot Half-Naked Girls" for my fanbase. (Just kidding of course -- or maybe not, if I get desperate for more hits.)

Rassles said…
I don't believe in chick flicks, either, sucka.
Nick said…
:) The world needs more people like you.
Sid said…
I love Gladiator, Teminator 2, Speed and Pan's. You didn't mention X-Men 2.