My TV Poll Comes to a Close -- Now Tell Me What You Think Will Be the Next Big Superhero Franchise

Quote of the Day: "Some people do not like to state their true opinions on internet polls." --

Every few months I add a new poll to my City of Kik blog. (You can read about my last one here.) The latest one has reached its conclusion. Thanks to everyone who voted. If you're itching to share your opinion with me, my newest poll is up and counting. The new question is "Which superhero do you think has the greatest potential to become a successful movie franchise?" I'll let you know the results in a couple of months.

In the meantime, here's the tally for my last public opinion quiz. The question was, "What new, upcoming television show are you most anticipating?" (Voters were allowed to vote for multiple shows, so that's why the totals equal more than 100%.) The clear winner was V with 55% of the vote. (I hear they've shut down production on the show for two weeks -- I hope that's not a bad omen.) Two shows were tied at second place with 30% each: FlashForward and Day One. Vampire Diaries had 20%. Another tie was The Cleveland Show and Human Target with $15 each. The lowest vote-getter out of the options I provided was Eastwick with only a measly 5%. A quarter of the people (that's 25% for those of you not good with fractions) selected "Other" -- so that might mean you look forward to Glee, Modern Family, Stargate Universe, or a bunch of other new shows scheduled to debut in the months to come.

Thanks again for sharing your opinion.