Walt Disney World Expanding

Quote of the Day: "Disney executives are planning the largest expansion in the history of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in central Florida." -- Associated Press

I guess it really is a small world after all, and Walt Disney World needs to get a little bigger. Disney announced that it will be expanding its popular Magic Kingdom amusement park in Orlando, Florida, doubling the size of Fantasyland, creating a new Little Mermaid ride, and updating the Star Wars-based Star Tours ride in the Hollywood Studios section of the park.

Walt Disney World is like Las Vegas for kids, an entertainment oasis, but it also is a great place for adults too. I remember when some friends of mine suggested going to Disney World for a vacation many summers ago -- I thought they were out of their minds. I recalled going to Disneyland in California with my dad when I was a kid, and I equated anything with the Disney brand as being just kid stuff. But believe me, it turned out to be one of the best vacations of my life.
There's plenty to do for anyone young at heart, whether you're with your family, with a bunch of friends, or with your significant other. We had a blast down there with some very cool adventures (that I might someday share with the world when I eventually write my memoirs). I've been back a number of times with my wife, and each time was amazing.

Only 20 miles from Orlando's International Airport, Walt Disney World has a lot to see and do. In addition to the enchantment of Fantasyland, there's Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney-MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, and so much more.

Disney of course is the main attraction, but there's also Universal Studios, Sea World, and countless other things to check out in Orlando. It really is a wonderful place to visit and have a great time. I've been there during the crowded peak months as well as during the off-peak periods, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself each and every time.

I look forward to the expansion and the continuation of the dream of Mr. Walt Disney.


Peter said…
Disneyland will be every kid's dream! Good ol Walt. Bless him for bringing so much joy to kids all over the world!