Angels from Where?

The baseball post season continues as the two League Championship Series begin.  In the National League, the Dodgers will be battling the Phillies, while in the American League, the Yankees will go up against the formidable Angels.  I admit that the West Coast team has given the Bronx Bombers some challenges in the past, but I am confident that New York will emerge victorious and move on to the World Series (hopefully against Joe Torre's Dodgers.)  After all, with all the name changes that the Angels have gone through over the years, I think they have an identity crisis which is keeping them from winning it all.

Let's look at the facts.  In 1961, the Los Angeles Angels were born.  Then, a few short years later, the team changed its name to the California Angels.  This is the name that I have always associated with the franchise.  However, in 1997, after the team was bought by Disney, the name became the Anaheim Angels.  If that wasn't bad enough, they now call themselves (drumroll please) the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. 

Some teams change their name when they move to a new location (for example, the Brooklyn Dodgers became the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they've stuck with that name ever since, thank you.)  Some change their name for, hopefully, something better (such as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays who became the simpler and catchier Tampa Bay Rays).  And I confess, even the Yankees used to be called the Highlanders, but once they became the Yanks they have stood by that monicker with pride.  When they were considering getting a new stadium and rumors were festering that they would move to New Jersey, there was no doubt that they would still be called the New York Yankees and their intertwined N and Y logo would stay forever unchanged.  (Thank goodness, the new stadium is still in the Bronx, no offense to Jersey.)

The Angels are a good team and a worthy opponent (I applaud them for knocking out the Boston Red Sox so efficiently and saving us the trouble), but their namechanging ways show evidence of instability that will finally catch up to them. 

Play ball!