Attack of the Ladybugs

Do not be alarmed. The ladybugs come in peace.

Those of you who live in the New York area may have noticed swarms of ladybugs this week. Some people are in a state of panic, not knowing what to do as they see their homes or offices suddenly infested with hundreds or even thousands of those otherwise cute little red insects.

The Pest Control Blog reports that the cause is the zany weather we’ve had lately -- it has confused the ladybugs into thinking it's spring. Even though they might be annoying, I’d rather see swarms of ladybugs then more nasty critters like bees or wasps or mosquitoes.

Whatever you do, do not squish them, because apparently the scent of a crushed ladybug will attract even more!

Forecasters are expecting the weather to cool down again and another rainstorm this weekend, so this too shall pass. How can anyone be afraid of those adorable, polka-dot bugs? As my wife said last night, “They’re not malicious, they don’t bite, they don’t sting, they’re adorable!” And when my baby daughter was born this summer, I had converted my home office into a nursery room with a ladybug theme, so I consider this to be a good omen!

Of course, my wife also joked that this might be an alien invasion. What better disguise could sinister invaders choose in order to get our guard down than the sweet identity of the most innocent-looking insects in the world? If they start morphing into some hideous mutant versions of themselves, then I’ll start worrying.