Board Games Can Still Be Fun

In this day and age of advanced video game consoles and digital games for computers and mobile devices, my family and I still enjoy playing traditional board games.  Yes, I said board games.  Ever since Chess was invented, people have spent some of their leisure time entertaining themselves with games played on a board.  Some of them now have a bad reputation for being boring, lame, outdated, but some of the classics continue to sell very well like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, The Game of Life, Pictionary, Clue, and others.

Here are some that I've played recently.  I recommend any of these the next time you have friends or family over.

Loaded Questions -- Players answer random questions about themselves and guess who said what.  Simple yet addictive fun.

Quelf -- Despite the stupid name, this is a very funny game full of random activities.  Drunk or sober, you're sure to have a good time playing it -- the more people the better.

Cranium -- You can't go wrong with this game that combines the best of other games -- drawing, charades, trivia, it's all here.

Scene It -- Next time you're planning a TV Night, try playing this game instead.  Pop in the DVD and compete to answer questions based on the clues presented in the movie and television show clips.  I am the reigning champion on this game, thank you very much!

Imaginiff -- Write names of people you know or even celebrities or historic figures on the dry-erase game board and answer questions about the ones you land on.

Would You Rather -- Simple and to the point, players must decide between different options.  Thought provoking and often silly, but I like it.

Whoonu -- Get to know your fellow players a little better as they rank some of their favorite and least favorite things.

Last Word -- This is one of our favorites, trying to come up with words for a topic, beginning with a certain letter, and being the last one to give an answer before the buzzer sounds.

There are lots more.  Do you have a favorite?


Peter said…
A long time favorite one for me would be PICTIONARY! Wrenching way to find out that your vocab isn't as immaculate as you'd think it is.
Anonymous said…
Ah, game nights. We haven't done that in a while. Must drag Dave into one of those...

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