Darknight Productions Presents PAGAN LEOPARDS

I'm looking forward to seeing my good friend Kevin Clancy's new play, Pagan Leopards, on Saturday night at Blackbird Studio at Where Eagles Dare after I'm done with Actorfest.  As with everything presented by Darknight Productions in Manhattan, it's sure to be provocative, thought-provoking, and of course entertaining. 

The show stars a couple of other dear friends of mine, Keith Maxwell and Danielle Nichole Tyler.  They're wonderful performers and always taking chances with the roles they portray.

This play has a disclaimer, warning that it deals with adult content, but like many of Kevin's previous stories, I'm sure it tackles some worthy issues and treats them in an intelligent and engaging manner, shining new light on topics often hidden from mainstream view.  Kevin's characters are always so believable and so totally human.

Folks are calling Pagan Leopards breath-taking.  Can't wait to see it.