Favorite Stephen King Books

What better way to herald Halloween than to pay homage to one of the greatest popular writers of all time, horrormeister Stephen King?  He has a new book coming out called Under the Dome and I'm sure it will be as much fun as all the others.

Here's a list of my favorites from the long list of books he's written. 

It -- In my opinion, this is Stephen King's best work.  Gripping from beginning to end.  The scary killer clown will haunt your dreams.

The Shining -- Brilliant from start to finish.  Redrum!

The Dark Tower -- This series of fantasy novels is King's magnum opus, and I hope they manage to make a good live adaptation for film or television someday.  I would also include his book Eyes of the Dragon in this series.

'Salem's Lot -- One of the best vampire stories ever told. 

The Stand -- Epic, frightening, with characters I'll never forget.

Thinner -- Of all the books that King wrote under his alias Richard Bachman, this one is the most chilling.

The Talisman -- Written with Peter Straub, this is a great fantasy story that uses all the cliches of the genre in a fresh way.  I still haven't read the sequel, Black House, but I plan to.

The Tommyknockers -- What happens when a long-buried UFO is unearthed?  From the mind of Stephen King, you know there's going to be trouble.

Needful Things -- The Devil opens shop in a small town and the residents' deepest, darkest secrets are uncovered with tragic results. 

Pet Sematary -- Spookier every time I read it.

His Short Story Collections -- King is known for his jumbo-sized novels, but his shorter tales are just as entertaining.  My faves are Different Seasons, Night Shift, Skeleton Crew, and Nightmares & Dreamscapes.

His Non-Fiction Books -- I also loved his examination of the horror genre in Danse Macabre, his look at his chosen profession called On Writing, and his collection of essays and other short non-fiction in Secret Windows.

There are so many more.  The Green Mile, Misery, Delores Claibourne, Dreamcatcher, Desperation, The Dark Half, Cycle of the Werewolf.  And then there are the classics that I still haven't had the chance to read, like Carrie, Dead Zone, Cujo, and Christine.

Stephen King threatened that he wanted to retire, but luckily for fans everywhere he's continuing to share the tales from his imagination and hopefully will continue to do so for years to come.