The Science Fiction and Media Non-Fiction of Paul Levinson

I just posted a review of Paul Levinson's book New New Media on Blogcritics.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  In the mean time, here's a summary of some of the other things that Professor Levinson has written, both fiction and non-fiction. All of his books are available for purchase on Amazon.


Bestseller - This anthology features some of Levinson's science fiction short stories as well as some non-fiction media essays that originally appeared in Analog, Wired, and other places.

Borrowed Tide - Levinson brings his own unique perspective to classic science fiction themes in this tale of interstellar space travel.

The Consciousness Plague - Forensics investigator Phil D'Amato tackles serial murders and killer flu!

The Pixel Eye - Another Phil D'Amato adventure, this one dealing with squirrel bombers and the war on terror!

The Plot to Save Socrates - Levinson writes a gripping time travel yarn.

The Silk Code - Levinson's first novel featuring Phil D'Amato tells a story about biological warfare and genetic engineering.


Cellphone - Levinson looks at the portable communications device that has brought mobility to communication and impacted almost everything in our lives.

Digital McLuhan - Levinson makes an excellent case that Marshall McLuhan's ideas about media are as relevant as ever even as the media landscape continues to change.

New New Media - The next phase in media evolution is transforming our culture. Levinson explores the good and the bad that come with it. Read my review!

Realspace - The subtitle nicely summarizes the book's theme: "The fate of physical presence in the Digital Age, on and off planet!"

The Soft Edge - A natural history and future of the information revolution.  A must read!

If you're a fan of science fiction and/or media studies, you should definitely take a gander at Levinson's work.