Sequel to Phantom of the Opera Musical: LOVE NEVER DIES

Some of you may already have heard the news that Andrew Lloyd Webber is working on a sequel to his long-running hit musical The Phantom of the Opera.  During a press launch in London, he updated the world on what to expect.  The countdown has now officially begun for Love Never Dies.

There's a reason The Phantom of the Opera and other Andrew Lloyd Webber productions are long-lasting crowd pleasers -- beyond the spectacle of the elaborate staging which helped launch the trend of the mega-musical for good or bad, the tunes of all his shows are always catchy.  Jesus Christ Superstar, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Cats, all have their memorable moments. 

Of course, despite his string of hits, there is no guarantee that Love Never Dies will reach the historic success of The Phantom of the Opera.  Andrew Lloyd Webber is human, after all, and he too has had his flops -- remember Whistle Down the Wind?

But Phantom is one of my favorites and I hope this new musical, which will come to the West End and to Broadway soon, can recapture some of the magic of the original.


TaylorSwift said…
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