One of the sleeper hits of the year seems to be the low budget horror flick Paranormal Activity.  Many people are comparing its pseudo-documentary style to The Blair Witch Project.  My wife and her sister, both fans of the horror genre, went to see it last week and here's a transcript of what they told me.

My wife Juliana said: "I don't know how much of the movie you want to know about, but honestly, there's not much to give away. Okay, let me start by saying that what made me want to see this movie so much was thinking it was real and that this couple actually filmed this happening to them. Not the was a movie and was fake. The people are actors and this stuff never happened. The house was fake, etc. So because of that, the scary factor went down the toilet for me. BUT it WAS scary for certain parts. It made me jump and wonder what will happen next. On another note, the camera was WAY too shaky during parts of the movie. Actually let me say that whenever the camera was NOT on the tripod, it was shaky and hard to watch and gave us all a headache and made us dizzy. Of course, it was supposed to be a home movie and so the guy is obviously not a professional cameraman, but they could have at least made it seem like he sort of knew what he was doing with a camera. Certain scenes were really freaky (which I will not divulge) and the ending was also quite freaky but makes you think ....sequel? The actors themselves were believable. I really felt like they were a couple who had been together for years. But that's what they were...actors."
My sister-in-law Liandra said: "This movie was the worst movie I have seen in quite a while. If you are prone to seizures or suffer from vertigo or have motion sickness...THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOU. The camera moved around way too fast throughout the entire film. I understand that the director wanted to make it seem like a home-made film, but that could have been executed much better. It got to the point where I closed my eyes and just listened to the film until night time when the actor put the camera on a tri-pod. My friend Shannon got sick from the film and had to leave the theater for a little while. Besides all of that, the movie was BORING. I was waiting for some really scary things to happen and I would say the best part of the film was 5 minutes before the end. It might have been okay, key word 'might' have been okay, if the storyline was real, but it was fake. I think people should spend their money on something else and not waste their money on possibly going to the movies and getting sick. I would recommend seeing something else."

So there you have it.  The movie is still making big bucks, so people are believing the hype and going to see it.  Do you disagree with my family's negative reviews?  Let me know.