Favorite Children's Shows

As you may have heard, Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month. It is one of the most beloved shows on television and the longest running children’s TV program in the United States, delighting kids all these years and still going strong.

Here are the children’s shows that had an impact on me growing up.

Sesame Street – Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, Kermit, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Grover – so many great characters teaching kids everything from how to count and how to spell to how to share and how to get along with people.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood – Fred Rogers may have passed on but his legacy lives on. His kindness and his mission to make children boost their confidence are key hallmarks of his popular show. And his segments in the Land of Make Believe helped kids use their imaginations.

The Electric Company – Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, and Bill Cosby were some of the very talented original cast members on this fun show that also included segments featuring Spider-man, Letterman, the Six Dollar and Thirty-Nine Cents Man, and others. The sketches were hilarious and still hold up today.

The Magic Garden – I used to love this show as a kid. Hosts Paula and Carol would sing catchy folk songs as they mingled with the Chuckle Patch, Sherlock the Squirrel, the Magic Tree, the Story Box, and other fantasy elements.

The Bugaloos – Produced by Sid and Marty Krofft, this was another entertaining kids show that featured a winged musical group (Harmony, Courage, I.Q., and the Britney Spears’ lookalike Joy) who battled the over-the-top wickedness of Benita Bizarre (played with enthusiasm by Martha Raye). It was crazy, it was wacky, but it was lots of fun.

Which kids’ shows were your favorites?


Silly Bus said…
Those are really amazing shows...I like it.