A Fun Evening of Short Film

On Friday night I went to see "An Evening of Short Film 3" presented by Level 92 Films.  I've written about them before, and they continue to inspire me with their creativity, ambition, and commitment to the art of filmmaking. 

The free event has become an annual tradition in Dobbs Ferry, New York, a gathering of people to support independent cinema and storytelling.  The enthusuastic audience watched three new movies and an extended version of a project that is growing into Level 92's first feature-length film.

The night started with The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers, written by Matt Bergin based on his comic book, and directed by Dean Leggiero.  It's a funny tale and it makes me eager to hunt down and read the comic.

Next came a jarring change in tone with the haunting short film called Waiting, written and directed by Christy Cuomo based on a dream she had -- actually, it was more of a nightmare about the death of her husband (who is alive and well in the real world, thank goodness).  As can be expected in a story about nocturnal visions, the movie has plenty of surreal moments that work really well. 

Then it was back to comedy with The Weathr Makrs, written by Christy Cuomo and directed by Dean Leggiero.  I'm curious to know how much of this story was improvised and how much was scripted, because it was trippy to say the least.

Finally, my favorite Level 92 production, Zlato, was shown with extended scenes.  The characters and action remind me of something straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.  Written and directed by Dean Leggiero, he promised that the next time we see Zlato will be the finished, feature-length version.  I can't wait!   

The "Evening of Short Film" continues again Saturday night, November 14.  Visit their Web site for information on this and all future Level 92 Film projects. Catch some of their movies on YouTube or follow their work and stay in touch by becoming a Fan of theirs on Facebook.