Mickey Mouse Like You've Never Seen Him Before

Now that Disney owns Marvel, I guess they want to make their family-friendly characters able to stand toe-to-toe with the superheroes.  How else to explain the upcoming make-over that Mickey Mouse will undergo in the upcoming, eagerly awaited video game Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii?

This sounds like a fun, adventurous, role-playing game in which Mickey Mouse must save the world.  Forget those images of Mickey as a bumbling fool in Fantasia or as the squeaky-voiced sap that so many have caricatured for far too long.  This new version of Mickey will be cunning, brave, noble, battling evil forces to save the day.

The New York Times wrote a nice article about the character's revamp, and you can read all about it here.

UPDATE (11/10/2009):  I received this message from Helena from Newsy.com which features videos that analyze and synthesize news coverage from multiple sources. It claims that its unique method of showing how different media cover the news helps viewers better understand complex stories.

Hi Nick,

I came across your recent blog post about Mickey Mouse's makeover. I like how you make sense of the change to Mickey's character by comparing it to Marvel's superheroes. I thought you might find this video interesting as it relates to the reasons for Mickey's makeover and the Epic Mickey video game that you mention: 


The video touches on why Disney is changing its iconic character and offers different opinions as to how this change will play out with consumers. I hope you might consider embedding it in your post.