Poll Results: People Want to See a GREEN LANTERN Movie

Tuesday is Election Day, but instead of just casting a ballot for boring politicians, how about voting for something fun? The latest poll on my City of Kik blog has come to a close. Thank you to all you faithful readers who took the time to vote. Now my newest question is up, just waiting for your responses: “Which never-before-filmed book would you like to see adapted into a feature film?” Catcher in the Rye? Stranger in a Strange Land? Neuromancer? Ender’s Game? Something else?  Let me know.

Here are the results from my last poll. The question was: “Which superhero do you think has the greatest potential to be a successful movie franchise?” I though Captain America would be the final winner, but he came in second place, getting beaten out by Green Lantern. Out of everyone who voted, half of you think the emerald guardian of our galaxy should star in his own movie (and since a big budget film is already in production, we’ll soon see if my poll accurately predicts that it will be a blockbuster success.) The mighty Thor, god of thunder, came in third (and again, a movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is in development, so we’ll see how it performs). Tied for fourth were Wonder Woman and Nightwing. The Flash couldn’t garner more than fifth place. There was a three-way tie for last place: Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Prince Namor the Submariner. And many of you (29% to be exact) selected “Other,” meaning there are even more superhero characters out there that you want to see brought to life on the big screen.

My personal vote is still for Captain America. Fingers crossed that when they eventually make a motion picture to tell his story, they will do it justice.