The Best and Worst TV Shows of the Season (So Far)

Here we are in December already, the "official" television season is half-way over, many shows have had or are about to have their so-called "Mid-Season Finales" before their holiday break.  So how do this season's shows stack up?  Glad you asked. 

My favorite TV shows so far during the last few months are:

Fringe - Full of surprises, thought-provoking storylines, and geektastic science fiction ideas, this is still one of the best programs on the air.  Shapeshifters, alternate universes, weird science, action, horror, suspense, intriguing characters -- J.J. Abrams has given us a weekly series that has it all.

Supernatural - The Winchester brothers continue to save our sorry little asses in the midst of an epic battle between Heaven and Hell.  This show can be scary, funny, action-packed, and just seems to keep getting better and better.

Smallville - Who would have thought that the adventures of Superboy could last all these years and actually be this entertaining?  I admit, I was skeptical (and the show isn't without its flaws), but it's been quite good this season.  Enjoy the fun while it lasts.

Survivor: Samoa - I know, I know, you all hate reality shows.  But if you're not watching this, you're missing one of the greatest masterminds in action -- a guy named Russell who is nothing less than pure evil genius.  He might win it all in unbelievable fashion.  And even if he loses, he has had quite a run of total manipulation and dominance of his fellow castaway contestants.

Glee - Put aside your misperceptions and tune in to one of the most smile-inducing shows on the boob-tube.  Catchy music, memorable characters, outrageous plots -- what's not to love?

FlashForward - The book by Robert Sawyer was so good, I wasn't sure what to expect of the TV adaptation, especially when I heard they were making some big changes to it.  But it's turned out to be a really well-produced, exciting sci-fi show.  Will the payoff in a few months live up to expectations?  And if so, will they be able to equal it or top it next year?  Only time (and the future) will tell.

Alice - The new Syfy version of Alice in Wonderland is just what I expected -- wacky, off-the-wall, and very imaginative.  If you liked Tinman, you'll probably enjoy this too.

Modern Family - This is the best comedy on television in a long, long time.  Terrific cast, good writing, and very fun to watch every single week.

Now, here are the shows that have disappointed me so far:

Dollhouse - I really gave this a try, but Joss Whedon's highly anticipated series starring Eliza Dushku has been a big disappointment. 

V - This was my most eagerly-awaited show of the year, but so far it's been rather boring and hasn't taken too many creative chances.  I'm still hoping things will turn in a better direction when this comes back in a few months.  Lizard fingers crossed!

The Prisoner - Despite some very nice moments, this remake mini-series of the 1960s cult classic was a meandering mess.  It's a shame, because the cast was great and this could have been great, but it left me feeling cold.

Stargate Universe - I gave this one a chance too, but, man, this has to be the dullest, most uninspired science fiction show ever made.  It's as if it's trying to be the new Battlestar Galactica but failing miserably.

Let me know if I've left off any of your favorites or any that you really despise.


MediumRob said…
Community is brilliant, although it's dropped off a bit in the last few episodes.

Stargate Universe, while it lacks charisma and depth of character, is probably as good as BSG in terms of plot, character interplay, etc. The ending of the latest episode was really surprising.

Dexter's still good, and although it's British, see if you can find yourself Misfits, which is how Heroes should have been done. There are bound to be clips on YouTube if you look hard enough.
Nick said…
Thanks, Rob.

I've hear amazing things about Misfits. Hope I get the chance to see it.

I have to disagree with you about SGU. I like the characters, but the premise is unoriginal and the plots so far (in my opinion) have been very lackluster.