A Birthday Tour of Yankee Stadium

Today was my birthday and my sister-in-law treated my wife and me to a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Yankee Stadium.  I had taken the tour of the original House That Ruth Built for a previous birthday, so this was a wonderful gift, comparing the new sports cathedral with the old classic. The new Stadium is awesome, and getting a chance to be in the Dugout, Monument Park, the Yankee Museum, and the Clubhouse is truly a great experience.  I encourage every baseball fan to take the tour when they get the chance, especially during the off-season.

Above is a picture of the architectural model that's on display in the Museum.  (Slight changes were made when the actual Stadium was built.)  Below are some pictures from the tour.  I wasn't permitted to use my camcorder, but still pictures were allowed.  We were instructed to turn off our flashes in the Museum and absolutely no pictures were allowed in the Clubhouse. 

That's me waiting for the tour to begin.

Here I am in the Yankee Museum with the Championship Trophies of the "Derek Jeter Era" behind me.

Thurman Munson's locker from the original Stadium is preserved in the Yankee Museum.

Since we can't take pictures in the real Clubhouse, here's a replica of one of the new lockers, on display in the Museum.  Fancy!

A display was dedicated to Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat.

There was a tribute to recent Hall of Fame inductee Rickey Henderson.

This plaque commerates the only Perfect Game in World Series history...

...Pitched by Don Larson...

...And caught by legend Yogi Berra.

On one side we see reproductions of autographs by Yankee greats...

...And on the other side are over 70 baseballs with actual autographs.

Then it was off to Monument Park.

The monuments from the original Stadium are now in the new ballpark.

It's always great to see all the retired numbers of Yankee players in their esteemed history...

...There are a lot of them.

My favorite is Number 23 -- Don Mattingly.

No pictures allowed inside the Clubhouse, but here's a picture of the sign outside the Clubhouse.

Here's a picture of me from the Yankees Dugout. 

Here's the view of the field from the Dugout.  Can you see the Christmas tree on the pitcher's mound?

Finally, here I am chilling with my wife and daughter after a long, fun day (note the dirty Yankees World Series Champions bib!) 

How long until Spring Training begins?