Blog Recommendation: The Producer's Perspective

One of my favorite blogs to read is The Producer's Perspective by Ken Davenport who has produced shows like Speed the Plow, 13, Altar Boyz, and others. His online journal, which is described as "a Broadway producer's opinion on everything Broadway and beyond" is full of great advice, interesting ideas, and behind the scenes insights.

I met Mr. Davenport at an Actorfest seminar and he has great advice to share for anyone interested in marketing themselves, promoting their projects, or just learning a little bit more about the business-side of theater. His company is called Davenport Theatrical Enterprises and he is also developing a social network for the Broadway community (and those who love Broadway) called

The Producer's Perspective is a wonderful resource, with box-office updates, analysis of emerging trends, and great topics like "How to Get a Producer to Read Your Script" and "10 Simple Steps to Start Internet Marketing Your Show."

If you love theater, or if you're a writer, actor, or aspiring producer yourself, then The Producer's Perspective is a must-read Web log that will inform you, inspire you, and give you lots of information. Check it out.