The Fables of Bill Willingham

Another favorite writer of mine is Bill Willingham. If you haven't read his Fables comic book series, you're missing a great, epic saga in which characters from fairytales live in modern times, continuing to deal with challenges and tribulations.

This past weekend I bought his prose novel Peter and Max which tells the story of Peter Piper and his older brother with appearances by some of his Fables characters (Bigby Wolf, Bo Peep, and others.) The book also includes some great illustrations by Steve Leialoha.

The first ten issues of Fables are collected in a terrific "Deluxe" hard-cover edition. Paperback collections of the award-winning comic book series are also available:

Volume 1: "Legends in Exile" - The story begins with a mystery in Fabletown. Snow White's sister, Rose Red, is missing, and foul play is suspected.

Volume 2: "Animal Farm" - Animal-rights revolutionary activist Goldilocks tries to stage a coup and "free" her non-human friends who are kept on a farm because they can't blend in with their human-looking compatriots in Fabletown.

Volume 3: "Storybook Love" - This volume has a number of stories, featuring Bigby Wolf, Jack the Giant Killer, Bluebeard, Sleeping Beauty, the Frog Prince, and more.

Volume 4: "March of the Wooden Soldiers" - When Little Red Riding Hood returns (all grown up), is she friend or foe? (Eisner Award Winner)

Volume 5: "The Mean Seasons" - Take a look at the past and witness Bigby Wolf's adventures during World War II, and then see Cinderella play heroine in the aftermath of the Adversary's attempt to conquer Fabletown.

Volume 6: "Homelands" - Boy Blue seeks revenge!

Volume 7: "Arabian Nights (And Days)" - The war against the Adversary continues as the homelands of the Arabian Fables are invaded.

Volume 8: "Wolves" - Mowgli seeks out Bigby Wolf to aid in confronting the Adversary.

Volume 9: "Sons of Empire" - Pinocchio enters the fray.

Volume 10: "The Good Prince" - Flycatcher learns about his past as the Frog Prince.

Volume 11: "War and Pieces" - The battle to retake the Fables' Homeland commences.

Volume 12: "The Dark Ages" - The war is over, but dark powers are still threatening the Fables.

Volume 13: "The Great Fables Crossover" - Jack discovers the existence of the Literals and their leader the Storymaker who might spell doom for the Fables.

If that's not enough, there's also the wonderful spin-off series Jack of Fables. I'm looking forward to more exciting adventures from the imagination of Bill Willingham.