Going to Mt. Fuji Tonight

In celebration of my brother-in-law's birthday, a bunch of us are going to Mt. Fuji tonight. No, not the mountain in Japan. We're going to have drinks and a great meal at Mt. Fuji Steakhouse in Hillburn, New York. It's a beautiful place with a traditional arched entrance leading to the restaurant high up on a hill with stunning views and an awesome piano lounge (where I proposed to my wife).

After cocktails in the lounge, we'll grab some dinner. The food is cooked right in front of us hibachi-style. I usually get the sushi but it's always entertaining to see the Japanese chefs give their fiery, knife-throwing, often humorous presentations as they cook my companions' menu choices.

Mt. Fuji is one of our favorite places to eat and socialize with friends. They even have a dance floor where DJs provide the music on certain nights. I've been meaning to catch some of their dinner theater mysteries too which sound like fun.

If you are ever in the area and looking for a unique dining experience, Mt. Fuji in Hillburn is highly recommended.