The Many Faces of the Underrated Ron Perlman

When we talk about underrated actors, none are more deserving of praise than Ron Perlman. With his booming voice he has performed countless voiceover roles, but his claim to fame is his ability to act through layers of makeup. He is truly the Lon Chaney of our time, disguising his appearance for a variety of characters. A lot of times, actors play themselves and it is hard to forget that we are watching a celebrity play-acting. Ron Perlman, however, gives us a performance that makes us forget about Perlman the actor and only see the character he is portraying.

Below are just some of the many roles his played.

His earliest claim to fame is his fantastic depiction of Vincent in the television cult classic Beauty and the Beast alongside Linda Hamilton.

He also did a great job in the otherwise loony production of The Island of Dr. Moreau starring Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer, and David Thewlis.

In Alien: Resurrection, one of the weaker episodes in the Alien saga, Perlman was one of the bright spots.

He had a small but memorable role in Guillermo del Toro's excellent sequel Blade II.

Buried under tons of makeup for the terrible film Star Trek: Nemesis, his performance nevertheless is one of the few good things the film had to offer.

In the television adaptation of Stephen King's Desperation, Perlman was a classic villain, transforming before our eyes.

His most recent career highlight was playing the title role in the Hellboy movies. I cannot imagine anyone else playing that character with such a broad range of emotion while buried under all those prosthethics.

Finally, his appearances on the TV show Sons of Anarchy are a delight to watch.

Ron Perlman deserves much more respect and accolades for his skill, professionalism, and constant hard work. He is what acting is all about.