More Remakes are Coming to TV

You would think the failure of remakes like Bionic Woman or Knight Rider would scare off television networks from attempting to recapture the success of an old hit by dressing it up in new clothing.  But no.  Next season will see each of the broadcast networks airing a TV remake.  Here is what you can expect in the fall of 2010...

ABC will try to bring back Charlie's Angels.  Will it be campy goodness like the 1970s phenomenon, making superstars of its leading ladies like the original did for Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd, and, um, Shelley Hack, and Tanya Roberts? Or will it be a tongue-in-cheek homage like McG's movie reimaginings starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu?  The Alphabet Network recently cancelled Eastwick, another remake starring three attractive women. Hasn't it learned its lesson?  Especially since this new Charlie's Angels show will be helmed by the guy who brought us the failed Terminator remake The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

CBS will remake Hawaii Five-O.  "Book 'em, Dano!"  TV Guide reports that actor Alex O'Loughlin, who has headlined two recent series that have faced the ax, Moonlight and Three Rivers, is the guy who might star as Detective Steve McGarrett, or a similar character.  Even though they tried and failed to revive this series in 1997 with Gary Busey, CBS is trying again.  At least it's more imaginative than the Eye Network dipping into its procedural franchise pool yet again with CSI: Hawaii -- but I bet they considered it!

NBC needs some hits, so it is turning to not one but two old favorites to try to make it happen.  Get ready for the return of The Rockford Files, and the Peacock Network is laying its hopes on the maker of House MD, praying for the best.  If that doesn't work, they also have a remake of the British favorite Prime Suspect, which has also drawn huge ratings on PBS over the years. And hey, if that doesn't work either, maybe they can movie Jay Leno back again to the 10 o'clock spot once he fails with his return to The Tonight Show.  (Hey, Conan O'Brien still hasn't signed on to another gig, there might still be a chance to bring him back.  Oh, poor NBC.)

FOX is letting Simon Cowell leave its blockbuster American Idol in order to recreate his other United Kingdom hit, The X Factor.  Will this be a pop culture hit like the other British cross-overs?  Or will American audiences ignore its overseas success and view it as yet another version of America's Got Talent and Star Search?  You'll have to wait until early 2011 to find out.

No word yet on whether the CW will jump on the remake bandwagon, but the way things are going, don't be shocked if they do.  You never know -- some remakes have worked, like Battlestar Galactica.  Will any of these manage to find a big audience?


Anonymous said…
A remake of the Honeymooners, starring Liza Minelli and Mickey Rourke... will it be a hit? Only time will tell. - js