At Least This Isn't the Ice Planet Hoth

As the East Coast gets hit with another major snow storm, my mind wanders to the spectacular opening act of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  With blizzard conditions bombarding Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and other states, and the winter nor'easter heading to New York and beyond, things could be worse -- it's not as bad as the ice planet Hoth.

We might be getting over a foot of snow, but at least we don't have to ride around on the backs of smelly tauntauns.

We might have to endure brutal 40 mile-per-hour winds, but at least we don't have to face a hungry Wampa who wants to hang us by our feet in its cave until it's ready to eat us for dinner.

We might have to spend hours shoveling our cars out when they get buried by the snow plows clearing the streets, but at least we're not running from an Evil Empire that sends giant AT-ATs to crush our puny Rebellion.

As the cold wind stings our cheeks, at least we don't have to live in paranoid fear of the Empire's spy vipers invading our privacy.

And as we spend a Snow Day in our warm homes, cuddled up in a blanket, drinking hot cocoa, things could be a lot worse -- our home could be a cramped, subterranean hideout, with only a Protocol Droid to talk to as we pass away the hours before the next attack.

Stay safe, everyone!


Peter said…
Marvelous; this ability in us called "imagination" isn't it? Yeah, that's one of my favorite scenes in Empire Strikes Back.
mike said…
amazing, very pleasing, scenes are also beautiful.