Fellow Bloggers, Get Ready for Some More Hollywood Attention

Cinematical reported the other day that Hollywood was planning some projects that would focus on bloggers as protaganists.  HBO is planning a series about a blogger.  Also, Tinseltown, always looking for content, will no doubt tap into the vast blogosphere for story ideas.  Dreamworks apparently has optioned a blog for a motion picture tale.

Blogs have played a role in plots of such shows as Californication and others, but it looks like the spotlight is about to finally fall full force on the medium.  Will Hollywood glamorize the field and give some respect to Web loggers, or will it caricature and stereotype them?

Christopher Campbell wrote on Cinematical: "It's only a matter of time before the 2010s do for blogging what the 1930s did for newspapers." I can only hope that he's right.