The Greatest Super Bowl Commercial of All Time

It's Super Bowl Weekend and time to acknowledge the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever made.  I'm talking, of course, about 1979's Coca-Cola ad with Mean Joe Green.  There have been other memorable Super Bowl commercials, but this one tops them all.  (Yes, it's even better than the Apple Computer homage to George Orwell's 1984.)  Click here to watch it on YouTube.

It is brilliant in its simplicity.  It doesn't have to rely on special effects or shock value like many other commercials today.  And it actually has a football theme.  Mean Joe Green limps to his locker after a rough game and a young kid wants to talk to him to let him know how much he admires him.  Joe tries to brush him off.  The football player is in pain, exhausted, and not in the mood to chat.  He shrugs off the kid's praise about being the best, not feeling particularly great at that moment.  But then the kid offers him his bottle of Coca-Cola.  (I miss those real glass bottles!)  Eventually, Joe takes the beverage and the kid starts to walk off, all sad that his hero was such a douchebag.  Joe drinks the soda in one quick gulp, and feeling all refreshed and rejuvenated, his heart warmed by the boy's kindness,  calls to the kid and tosses him his jersey.  "Have a Coke and a smile!"  Perfect.

Coca-Cola remade the commercial in 2009, but the original is still the ultimate Super Bowl ad and one of the greatest overall commercials ever created.