I am a Hall-of-Famer!

While the rest of the media are reporting on the long-overdue statement from Tiger Woods addressing his recent scandal (he should have listened to me and handled all of this sooner and better), I will take this opportunity to write a personal entry.  Last night I attended a performance of four one-act plays, including one I had written, and I was pleasantly surprised when Darknight Productions awarded me with an induction into their "Hall-of-Fame" for the work I've done with them on stage as an actor and behind-the-scenes as a writer and director for some of their past shows.  I joked with my wife recently that I never win anything, so the trophy and framed certificate I received will be cherished possessions for me, especially since I hold Darknight Productions in such high esteem.  I respect their ongoing dedication and commitment and fully support and believe in their mission to give artists the chance to share their work, hone their skills, and reach an audience in New York City.

I was very happy to see a friend and fellow actor, Robert Sherrane, also honored. He has so much talent and I have had the pleasure to work with him in the short play New York Actor by John Guare.  He also acted in another play I wrote, To Forgive Divine.  He's a brilliant actor and will be deeply missed as he moves away from New York -- to bigger and better things, I'm sure.

The production last night, titled Four Men Only, was at the Bridge Theater in Shetler Studios in Manhattan.  It included four one-act plays written by four male playwrights, a sequel of sorts to Darknight Productions previous (and very well received) Four Women Only that featured four one-acts written by female playwrights.

In addition to my play Jackie the Giant Killer, directed by Danielle Nichole Tyler and starring Keith Maxwell as Charlie Nova and Jennifer Cohen as Jackie Mesh, about a rock star widow trying to deal with life after her husband's death, there were three other plays -- the excellent I Paid Enough by Jay Fink, starring John Short, Evan Greene, and Lucy Apicello, about a young man's memories of his grandparents; Two Ships, written and directed by Ed Friedman, starring Elliott Robinson and Luisa A. Fuentes as two lonely people who bump into each other on a ferry ride, and Timothy Rodriguez and Danielle Nichole Tyler as their often-hilarious subconscious alter-egos; and Difficult Transition, written by Kevin Clancy, directed by Jen Yip, and starring Adrienne Makowski and Kevin Clancy in a tale about a man who has difficulty accepting his girlfriend's secret.

There will be one more performance of Four Men Only this Saturday night, but it's sold out.  If, however, you want more information about Darknight Productions, please contact darknight2002@optonline.net